D’Accord: Cuban Guayabera Shirts
D’Accord Shirts & Guayaberas, was founded in  Miami, FL in 1980.D’Accord ships our extensive collection of  Cuban guayaberas and  men’s casual  shirts to customers throughout the nations. Whether you want to buy  guayabera shirts for yourself or if  you are a retailer and  you wish to buy in bulk an entire range of exceptional Cuban guayaberas to sell in your store, we would be eager to be your reliable supplier. We cater to fine men’s retailers throughout the nations. When there is no D’Accord distributor in your area we can  deal with consumers directly. D’Accord has the capability to supply corporate and hotel and restaurant clientele .D’Accord provides competitive pricing and reliable deliveries on a timely basis. D’Accord never compromises on quality.
Buy from a Great Selection of Cuban Guayabera Men’s Shirts
Our D’Accord Cuban guayabera men’s shirts are manufactured by craftsmen. D’Accord guayaberas are renown for their exceptional fit. D’Accord guayaberas will  fit you perfectly, no matter what size you wear. D’Accord manufactures a vast selection of guayaberas and casual shirts at excellent prices.  Our customers buy from us because of our extensive track record since 1980. D’Accord has built a reputation for excellence, competitive pricing, and for our customer service reliability. Our goal is to continue the legacy begun by my father Rafael Contreras in 1935 in Habana,Cuba and continued in the USA.