In 1980 my father,Rafael Contreras and I founded D’Accord.My father’s expertise and hunger to succeed  came early in his life. Losing his father at four years of age.He never saw himself as a victim. He was the third of six children. My grandmother, lacking all the entitlements that too many take for granted today, sent my father to an orphanage for boys. A few years later his grandfather who had settled in Havana, advised my grandmother to migrate with the children to Cuba for better opportunities.  His “schooling “continued here. At the age of 13 my father began working at a hat shop, shaping the hats that priests wore. Later he worked at retail stores,where he also was the “security guard” .He would sleep in a cot with a string tied from the front door to his big toe. He was the “alarm system”. Having the heart of an entrepreneur, at 16 he began his won business. He bought and sold  suits on the streets of Havana.

At the age of 21 he founded Cancha. “La Revancha la da Cancha:. Cancha became one of the most exclusive men’s stores in Cuba. During the 1930’s,40’s,50’s Cancha was frequented by international dignitaries,sports figures and artists. In 1959 the scourge of communism brought by the  Castro regime seized Cancha and all the private enterprise.We were forced to leave everything behind.My parents and sister and I exiled to the land of freedom,America. And began our new life in 1960.

In 1964 my father founded D’Gala and it soon became one of the finest men’s wear manufacturing companies. We always said”anyone can make a shirt”. We design shirts and guayaberas that fit so well that you never want to take it off.We went through meticulous pattern design so that each shirt would fit you like a tailor made guayabera. When you try on a D’Accord shirt or guayabera you feel the energy of the effort of excellence to turn fabric into a shirt that you love to wear. When you put a D’Accord shirt on ,all this will make sense. Whether you wear one of our wedding shirts,a Cuban guayabera, a Cuban collar retro shirt, a banded bottom or a retro safari suit,you will recognize that you are wearing something exceptional. Something that not everybody has.

In 1980 my father and I founded D’Accord.We maintained the tradition of manufacturing fine men’s apparel in the USA. My father passed away on April 7th,2009. Today I continue to provide the finest men’s wear.We always took pride in manufacturing all of our shirts in the USA. Our guayaberas are known as” the best fitting on the planet” .We gladly manufacture our guayaberas and Mexican wedding shirts in Yucatan,Mexico. We do not make anything in China.

D’Accord is known for it’s exclusive designs and it’s great fitting shirts and guayaberas. Our guayabera line includes guayaberas for babies,toddlers,boys and women. The patterns that my father and I developed throughout the decades are maintained to this day.When you wear a D’Accord shirt,guayabera,a banded bottom or a safari set you will recognize that the fit is impeccable Our shirts and guayaberas fit you right.Wearing our shirts puts a smile on your face.Our shirts and guayaberas are distributed in the USA and worldwide.D’Accord shirts make you feel good.D’Accord shirts are the most comfortable.D’Accord manufactures casual Cuban collar retro shirts,banded bottom shirts, shirt jackets,guayaberas and Mexican wedding shirts. We use only the finest linen,cotton and cotton blends. Women love our micro fiber shirts and cotton poly blends.Now they never have to iron.When in Miami please do not hesitate to visit our warehouse showroom.

Best regards

Rafael Contreras 

D’Accord Shirts & Guayaberas,Inc