Cuban Guayabera Pima Cotton Lavender Honeycomb Pattern D’Accord 2546

//Cuban Guayabera Pima Cotton Lavender Honeycomb Pattern D’Accord 2546

Cuban Guayabera Pima Cotton Lavender Honeycomb Pattern D’Accord 2546


  •  100% Pima Cotton
  •  Unique  honeycomb pattern
  • Cool water wash
  • Best fitting guayabera on the planet
  • Made in Mexico


Cuban guayabera Pima cotton lavender  honeycomb pattern 2546. Cuban  guayabera  manufactured in Pima cotton. Our Cuban guayaberas are carefully cut and assembled. We pay extreme care for detail. Manufacturing D’Accord guayabera pin tucks is  a most painstaking and skillful operation.  D’Accord guyaberas incorporate a minimum of 20 pin tucks per strip. These minute pin tucks are less than an 1/8 of an inch wide. Making the pin tucks  takes time , skill  lots of patience, endurance, and love. Manufacturing a D’Accord guayabera is, a labor of love. D’Accord has been manufacturing guayaberas for over three decades. Guayaberas experts and enthusiasts  call D’Accord the perfect guayabera. And God willing we intend to continue in this endeavor for many more decades. D’Accord guayaberas is  constantly searching for exceptional fabrics, and fashion colors.

D’Accord guayaberas must fit perfectly. In 1981 the D’Accord team analyzed our guayabera patterns and compared them to the  patterns of world class shirt makers. After many weeks of study we created our own, perfect guayabera patterns .We manufactured guayaberas  in all the sizes possible. We covered the whole gamut  of guayabera sizes, beginning in  size XS, all the way to the largest in  size 5XL. Finally we arrived at the perfect fitting guayabera in 1982.. Our guayaberas are true to size. Our guayaberas are the best fitting on the planet. Order your D’Accord perfect fitting guayabera now.

We also make custom tailored guayaberas for hard to fit men. This involves more time and effort and we can get your special size guayabera done in 30 days.

We may not be the  largest guayabera manufacturer but we strive to maintain our quality.  Our guayaberas are offered at competitive prices. Our guayaberas are offered at  better  specialty men’s stores in the USA, Mexico, South and Central America, Curacao , Haiti, in several Caribbean islands  and in Africa. We have provided guayaberas for world dignitaries, for presidents and even for Spanish royalty. Nevertheless our guayaberas are priced fairly and are accessible to any discerning man that knows quality and value. Buy yourself an exceptional guayabera and enjoy the difference. Order your perfect guayabera today.

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Small, Medium, Large

Guayabera, Casual Shirt, & Banded Bottom

This size chart (below) relates to guayabera, casual shirt, and banded bottom sizes. All sizes expressed (below) are expressed in inches.
SMALL 15 1/2 33 40 38 26 1/2
MEDIUM 16 33 1/2 42 41 27
LARGE 17 36 44 42 28
X-LARGE 18 37 49 47 29
1X-LARGE 19 37 49 47 29
2X-LARGE 20 39 3/4 55 52 29 1/4
3X-LARGE 21 40 58 56 29 1/2
4X-LARGE 22 40 1/2 62 61 30

Safari Sets

This size chart (below) relates only to Safari Sets. All sizes expressed (below) are expressed in inches.
TOPS N/A 44 1/2 45 1/2 46 1/2 N/A 52 60 61
PANTS N/A 34 36 38 N/A 41 44 46