Women’s Cuban Guayabera Mexican Wedding Shirt Genuine D’Accord 2322

//Women’s Cuban Guayabera Mexican Wedding Shirt Genuine D’Accord 2322

Women’s Cuban Guayabera Mexican Wedding Shirt Genuine D’Accord 2322


  • Uniform guayabera 
  • Durable fabric  65% breathable Poly 35 % cotton
  • Easy care wash and wear,drip dry, or dryer
  • Cool and comfortable for working


Women’s  Guayabera Mexican wedding shirt genuine D’Accord 2322.Genuine guayabera. Genuine. Corporate guayabera. Event guayabera. D’Accord is ready willing and able to fulfill your tastefor  high quality guayaberas. We stock this item year round in great quantities to enable you to serve you at once. Diligence is what we strive for. We are results driven. No excuses. We manufacture our guayaberas in Mexico not China.We use the best materials available and with time honored manufacturing practices. No short cuts. Please try us. Call us for pricing. We fulfill wholesale orders for 12 guayaberas as well as for 12,000.Call us at 305 576 0926. Ask for Rafael

Cuban guayabera white poly cotton. This classic Cuban  guayabera is one of the best choices to wear on a daily basis when convenience of easy care is a concern. A woman  can still enjoy the comfort and coolness of a classic Cuban guayabera and also the attributes of being basically a wash and wear shirt. Our 65% breathable poly and our 35% Pima cotton grade cotton is the perfect blend. All of our guayaberas are carefully cut and assembled with extreme care for detail. The hand manufacturing of the alforzas or tucks or as most call them “pleats” is one of the most painstaking and skillful operations involved in the manufacturing of the classic Cuban guayabera. In order to manufacture a quality classic Cuban guayabera like ours with at least 20 tucks per strip takes time ,skill and lots of patience endurance and love. Manufacturing a classic Cuban guayabera is a labor of love. We at D’accord know what guayabera lovers are looking for because we are striving  for the same goal. We have been manufacturing for over three decades what many call the perfect guayabera. And God willing we intend to continue in this endeavor as long as we can. We are constantly looking for exceptional fabrics, fashion colors that we can tastefully apply to the perfect guayabera. Of utmost care is the fit of the guayabera. Decades ago we studied our patterns and the  patterns of great shirt makers. And after many weeks of analysis and of manufacturing a multitude of samples in all sizes possible from size Xs to size 5XL we arrived at the perfect fitting guayabera in 1982. We did fittings in all of these sizes until we found the true size dimensions in each size. All of this means that if for instance if your size is XL, that size is what you will wear in a D’Accord guayabera. You have no idea how many men have come purchased guayaberas from us and claim that they wear size 2XL but in reality they are a size XL. Many manufacturers in the interest of maximizing their ROI begin to skimp on fabric and yes they may make more money but all of their sizes become distorted and are not true to size. We are not the biggest manufacturer but we try to maintain our standards of quality, of fabric selection, design at competitive prices. Our guayaberas are offered at the best specialty men’s stores in the USA, in the Caribbean and   Africa. We have provided guayaberas for world dignitaries, for presidents and even for Spanish royalty. Nevertheless our guayaberas are priced fairly and are accessible to any discerning man that knows quality and value. Buy yourself an exceptional guayabera and enjoy the difference. D’Accord poly cotton blend Cuban Guayabera  designed by Rafael Contreras. This poly cotton blend  is easy care wash and wear.This is the easy care  guayabera .  This guayabera is elegant, the poly cotton fabric is lightweight has the feel and texture of cotton  and is truly a pleasure to wear. I know you will enjoy wearing this Cuban guayabera in the spring or summer months and if you are fortunate to live in a temperate clime, all year long. Order yours today



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Black, Blue, White


Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, 2X Large

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