D’Accord Men’s Guayabera Black 100% Linen 2264

//D’Accord Men’s Guayabera Black 100% Linen 2264

D’Accord Men’s Guayabera Black 100% Linen 2264


  • D’Accord 100%  Linen
  • D’Accord Cool water wash warm iron  or dry clean
  • D’Accord the best fitting brand  guayabera on the planet
  • D’Accord signature convertible cuffs so may be worn with cufflinks


D’Accord men’s guayabera blue black 100% linen 2264. Luxurious 100% linen black  soft finish guayabera. Cool looking and cool and comfortable to wear. You will look your best when ever and where ever you wear a D’Accord world class guayabera. For decades you,our loyal and discerning customers have expressed to us that our guayaberas are the best fitting on the planet. You have found out for yourselves how much more interesting and attractive you become when you wear a D’Accord guayabera . Your wife loves more you in a D’Accord guayabera. You become irresistible. No matter what size you wear,the D’Accord guayabera will fit you correctly. Our guayaberas are true to size. Are you tired of trying on shirts and guayaberas and  nothing fits?  I know the feeling. Struggle no longer. Try on a D’Accord shirt or guayabera. You will feel the love immediately. Our manly designs and exceptional fit will make your day. We search for fabrics that we know you will love. What you can’t find anywhere else you will find here at D’Accord. The reason our shirts and guayaberas fit you so well is that we put in the time and effort. Thirty six years ago following my father’s lead we studied all the dimensions in our sizing patterns. We compared them to 21st century men’s physiques. We added where we needed to add and we subtracted where we needed to subtract. The end result was perfect dimensions for today’s man. Check out our size chart at the bottom and choose your size. Buy your great looking and great fitting guayabera today.

Rafael Contreras designs and manufactures all the D’Accord brand retro shirts, casual shirts, retro guayaberas, guayabera safari sets and its renown world class guayaberas and guayabera wedding shirts for its national and international market.Retailers are most welcome to call us for wholesale orders and wholesale  pricing and join the community of fine men’s merchants offering the D’Accord brand to their customers. D’Accord has the capacity and the will to do special cuttings for small and large and difficult sizes.We want to be part of the solution at your wedding by providing the most awesome and beautiful wedding shirts you will ever see. We also design and manufacture special cuttings for uniforms and other custom design shirts for the restaurant, hotel and hospitality industry as well as corporate events. We are the largest manufacturer and distributor of guayaberas in America.

For decades our customers have expressed the fact  that we manufacture the best fitting guayaberas on the planet. We at D’Accord pride ourselves in designing and manufacturing exceptional world class guayaberas and wedding shirts. You, our customers are our inspiration. You drive us to continue to manufacture the best fitting guayaberas on the planet .We pay intense attention to fit ,workmanship and the quantity and quality  of the pleats or tucks(alforzas) . For centuries linen has been the fabric of choice of prominent men and women and to this day and age this trend continues, especially in hot and humid climes . Order your D’Accord world class guayabera today.

D’Accord is the largest manufacturer and distributor in America of world class guayaberas.


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Medium, Large, Extra Large

Guayabera, Casual Shirt, & Banded Bottom

This size chart (below) relates to guayabera, casual shirt, and banded bottom sizes. All sizes expressed (below) are expressed in inches.
SMALL 15 1/2 33 40 38 26 1/2
MEDIUM 16 33 1/2 42 41 27
LARGE 17 36 44 42 28
X-LARGE 18 37 49 47 29
1X-LARGE 19 37 49 47 29
2X-LARGE 20 39 3/4 55 52 29 1/4
3X-LARGE 21 40 58 56 29 1/2
4X-LARGE 22 40 1/2 62 61 30

Safari Sets

This size chart (below) relates only to Safari Sets. All sizes expressed (below) are expressed in inches.
TOPS N/A 44 1/2 45 1/2 46 1/2 N/A 52 60 61
PANTS N/A 34 36 38 N/A 41 44 46