Men’s Full Cut Long Sleeve Lavender  Shirt Premium Cotton D’Accord 4484. SALE !

Men’s Full Cut Long Sleeve Lavender  Shirt Premium Cotton D’Accord 4484. SALE !

$95.00 $25.99

  • D’Accord Premium Cotton Dress Shirt
  •  full cut one pocket
  • available in big sizes
  •  square bottom
  • side vents for looks/comfort
  • Made in Mexico


 Men’s full cut Long Sleeve lavender  Shirt Premium Cotton D’Accord 4484. This shirt is full cut. Cut on  same pattern as our casual shirts. These shirts are cut  square bottom for elegance and comfort. D’Accord shirts has applied the attributes of its most popular casual shirts to the long sleeve dress shirt category. Thousands of mature men appreciate the new designs of dress casual shirts of today. But not the more athletic closer to the body fit. These shirts are cut full so you will feel extremely comfortable wearing them. This style is available in big sizes for the big man. These shirts will fit all sizes excellently.Get yourself an entire collection of fashion colors.The quality of Premium cotton is exceptional. This is the exact same fabric used to manufacture dress shirts sold for three hundred  dollars. D’Accord shirts  acquires top quality fabrics and designs and manufactures dress /casual shirts accessible to all. Fall is here and now is the season to begin acquiring new shirts to wear during Thanksgiving and Christmas. These shirts are the best fitting on the planet. Order  today !

D’Accord Shirts produces special orders, including special cuttings for tall and large sizes. In addition, our manufacturing team produces uniforms and other custom design shirts for the hospitality industry, schools, universities, sports franchises, and corporate events.

When you contact D’Accord Shirts, you are dealing direct with the shirt manufacturer. As a long-standing business practice spanning decades, Rafael deals direct with every customer and Rafael offers outstanding pricing without a middle man.

D’Accord Shirts & Guayaberas, Inc. offers exceptional purchasing power for authorized retailers nationwide. The network of authorized retailers is growing. Whether you need 2 or 200 shirts, D’Accord Shirts will produce your shirt order on time at competitive pricing. D S & G  is the largest manufacturer and distributor of unique retro shirts and world class guayaberas in America.

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