Men’s Long Sleeve Cuban Guayabera Wedding Shirt Premium Linen Lavender 2447 D.Accord

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Men’s Long Sleeve Cuban Guayabera Wedding Shirt Premium Linen Lavender 2447 D.Accord


  • Luxury Cuban guayabera
  • Superior Premium Irish linen
  • Limited Edition
  • Signature pin tucks on button placket
  • D’Accord signature convertible cuffs
  • May be worn with cuff links


Men’s Long Sleeve Cuban  Guayabera wedding shirt Premium Linen Lavender   2447. D’Accord premium linen Irish linen . This is Limited Edition. Available  sizes L-XL only. All of our long sleeves guayaberas are designed and manufactured with convertible cuffs.  This means that you may wear any of our long sleeve guayaberas with your favorite cufflinks Simply unbutton and insert your cuff links . This small detail is  engineered into all of our long sleeve guayaberas. .For decades our customers have expressed  the fact that D’Accord manufactures the best fitting guayaberas on the planet.D’Accord prides itself in designing and manufacturing exceptional, world class guayaberas and wedding shirts.  You,the D’Accord guayabera customers are an inspiration. You drive us to continue to manufacture the best fitting guayaberas on the planet .We pay intense attention to the fit of the guayabera.    Workmanship and the quantity and quality  of the pleats or pin tucks(alforzas) of our guayaberas is never compromised . We incorporate at least 20 tucks into each strip of our world class classic guayaberas.  D’Accord Premium linen guayabera is Irish linen grade .D’Accord  Premium linen is the coolest fabric that you want to wear in a hot, humid climate. When you wear our 100% Premium linen it is like having  your own portable air conditioning. When everyone is sweating profusely at any event you will be the coolest, most comfortable person on earth. Even though with the great advances in synthetics our D’Accord micro fiber guayaberas and our poly cotton guayaberas are almost just as cool as our 100% Premium linen guayaberas. Order your exceptional D’Accord premium linen guayabera today and experience the best fitting and the coolest guayabera on the planet

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Guayabera, Casual Shirt, & Banded Bottom

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SMALL 15 1/2 33 40 38 26 1/2
MEDIUM 16 33 1/2 42 41 27
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X-LARGE 18 37 49 47 29
1X-LARGE 19 37 49 47 29
2X-LARGE 20 39 3/4 55 52 29 1/4
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4X-LARGE 22 40 1/2 62 61 30

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