Men’s Long Sleeve Shirt Black D’Accord 4484

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Men’s Long Sleeve Shirt Black D’Accord 4484


  • D’Accord Full cut dress casual shirt
  • 100% Premium cotton
  • Dobby small check design
  • Coordinating pattern inside cuffs, collar and placket
SKU: N/A. Last Updated: December 19, 2018 Categories: , . Manufacturer: D'Accord Shirts & Guayaberas, Inc. Location: Made in USA Color: Multi Fabric: Micro Fabric Features: Moisture Wicking, Stain Resistent, and Wash & Wear Ships: Same Day


 Men’s long sleeve shirt D’Accord 4484 . Men’s long sleeve dress shirt manufactured in full cut pattern. D’Accord dress shirts are sought after by discerning men . These men always want to look  good all the time. How do they do it ? They wear D’Accord dress shirts. These men don’t wear dress shirts all the time, but  when they do, they wear  D’Accord .  When you wear D’Accord mens’  shirts you are assured of wearing quality fashion shirts for all occasions. D’Accord Shirts offers you the largest selection of exclusive design shirts that you can wear in a business environment. And also with  with a suit and tie.  Men have the option to convert the same  shirt to a casual shirt by  simply rolling up the  sleeves. Men may wear it un tucked  and chill . This new arrival in 100% Premium cotton is excellent  in breath ability, comfort and ease of care.  D’Accord brand manufactures a  vast selection of casual/dress shirts for dress, leisure. Fall is here. Order today your long sleeve dress shirts for yourself or for great Christmas presents. Awesome exclusive shirts at competitive prices. Order yours today

D’Accord Shirts produces special orders, including special cuttings for tall and large sizes. In addition, our manufacturing team produces uniforms and other custom design shirts for the hospitality industry, schools, universities, sports franchises, and corporate events.

When you contact D’Accord Shirts, you are dealing direct with the shirt manufacturer.

D’Accord Shirts & Guayaberas, Inc. offers exceptional purchasing power for authorized retailers nationwide. The network of authorized retailers is growing. Whether you need 2 or 200 shirts, D’Accord Shirts will produce your shirt order on time at competitive pricing. D S & G is the largest manufacturer and distributor of unique retro shirts and world class guayaberas in America.

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