Cuban Shirt Retro Shirt Blue Embroidered Made in Miami D’Accord 5839

//Cuban Shirt Retro Shirt Blue Embroidered Made in Miami D’Accord 5839

Cuban Shirt Retro Shirt Blue Embroidered Made in Miami D’Accord 5839


  • D’Accord full cut true to size
  • Breathable micro fiber
  • Moisture wicking stain resistant
  • Easy care wash and wear,wrinkle free
  • Cuban Retro Shirt Made in Miami



 Cuban Shirt retro shirt blue embroidered made in Miami D’Accord  5839.   D’Accord Shirts & Guayaberas offers you the largest selection of exclusive design Cuban shirt and   retro  casual shirts manufactured in the Miami. All of our Cuban  retro shirts as well as our casual shirts are manufactured in Miami,USA. Cuban shirts and   retro shirts are all cut full according to American specs. This is why so many men look forward to wear a brand that fits them comfortably and correctly  while looking their best. Most of our Cuban shirts and   retro shirts are designed by Rafael Contreras. We use the best fabrics available such as micro fiber weaves that require no ironing . The less your wife has to iron your shirts, the deeper her love for you grows.  These micro fiber fabrics are cool to wear, moisture wicking and stain resistant.  Thank you for your business and if you are in Miami please call us and visit us. We are adjacent to Miami International Airport. Buy your Cuban retro shirt  made in Miami today

D’Accord Shirts produces special orders, including special cuttings for tall and large sizes. In addition, our manufacturing team produces uniforms and other custom design shirts for the hospitality industry, schools, universities, sports franchises, and corporate events.

When you contact D’Accord Shirts, you are dealing direct with the shirt manufacturer. As a long-standing business practice spanning decades, Rafael deals direct with every customer and Rafael offers outstanding pricing without a middle man.

D’Accord Shirts & Guayaberas, Inc. offers exceptional purchasing power for authorized retailers nationwide. The network of authorized retailers is growing. Whether you need 2 or 200 shirts, D’Accord Shirts will produce your shirt order on time at competitive pricing.


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Guayabera, Casual Shirt, & Banded Bottom

This size chart (below) relates to guayabera, casual shirt, and banded bottom sizes. All sizes expressed (below) are expressed in inches.
SMALL 15 1/2 33 40 38 26 1/2
MEDIUM 16 33 1/2 42 41 27
LARGE 17 36 44 42 28
X-LARGE 18 37 49 47 29
1X-LARGE 19 37 49 47 29
2X-LARGE 20 39 3/4 55 52 29 1/4
3X-LARGE 21 40 58 56 29 1/2
4X-LARGE 22 40 1/2 62 61 30

Safari Sets

This size chart (below) relates only to Safari Sets. All sizes expressed (below) are expressed in inches.
TOPS N/A 44 1/2 45 1/2 46 1/2 N/A 52 60 61
PANTS N/A 34 36 38 N/A 41 44 46