Men’s Camouflage Guayabera D’Accord Guayabera Shirt 2467 SOLD OUT

Men’s Camouflage Guayabera D’Accord Guayabera Shirt 2467 SOLD OUT


  • D’Accord Genuine  Camouflage 4 pockets  Guayabera
  • D’Accord Soft and breathable cotton /nylon blend
  • Wash and wear
  • Rugged outside soft inside
  • Tactical  to wear at the range, in the woods or around town
  • Excellent weight for conceal carry


 Men’s camouflage  guayabera D’Accord guayabera 2467. This is a true sportsman’s guayabera. This camouflage guayabera is the real thing. We manufactured it in a rugged, breathable micro fiber. This  camouflage guayabera will last you a lifetime.  The fabric is  soft on the inside.And durable on the outside. Guayabera is comfortable to wear. You may wear to the woods, to the range  or to a family barbecue or just for everyday wear.We simply  love camouflage. This guayabera is wash and wear.. I personally wear it at least one or twice a week. I like to wear mine with an athletic undershirt like all my shirts that I wear. I always wear an undershirt. I do like to wear mine with a black t shirt. Looks great .Believe me. D ‘Accord is  the designer and manufacturer of the only camouflage sports  guayabera on the planet. I wear all of the shirts that we manufacture. Our camouflage guayaberas shirts are the number one choice of our worldwide customers. Many are outdoors men, hunters, operators and tactical  enthusiasts.And guys that just simply love camouflage.  Nothing but the best outdoor sports fabric available is sourced to manufacture our camouflage guayabera shirts. Our micro fiber cotton blend is top quality that discerning sportsmen ,hunters, ranchers and fashion forward men expect.Our camouflage guayabera shirts are all cut full according to American male  specs in sizes M-L- Xl-1 X,2 X and 3 X.  We do not skimp on quality, design or fabric. We look forward to putting in your hands the only genuine  camouflage guayabera on the planet.You will look awesome in your D’Accord camouflage guayabera. Buy your  camouflage  guayabera today !


D S & G by Rafael Contreras designs and manufactures  retro shirts, casual shirts, retro guayaberas, guayabera safari sets and its renown  world class guayaberas and guayabera wedding shirts for its national and international market.  Retailers please call us for wholesale orders and wholesale  pricing. D S & G has the capacity and the desire to do special cuttings for small and large sizes.  We want to participate in your wedding by providing the most awesome and beautiful wedding shirts you will ever see. We also design and manufacture special cuttings for uniforms and other custom design shirts for the restaurant, hotel and hospitality industry as well as corporate events. We are the largest manufacturer and distributor of guayaberas in America.


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Guayabera, Casual Shirt, & Banded Bottom

This size chart (below) relates to guayabera, casual shirt, and banded bottom sizes. All sizes expressed (below) are expressed in inches.
SMALL 15 1/2 33 40 38 26 1/2
MEDIUM 16 33 1/2 42 41 27
LARGE 17 36 44 42 28
X-LARGE 18 37 49 47 29
1X-LARGE 19 37 49 47 29
2X-LARGE 20 39 3/4 55 52 29 1/4
3X-LARGE 21 40 58 56 29 1/2
4X-LARGE 22 40 1/2 62 61 30

Safari Sets

This size chart (below) relates only to Safari Sets. All sizes expressed (below) are expressed in inches.
TOPS N/A 44 1/2 45 1/2 46 1/2 N/A 52 60 61
PANTS N/A 34 36 38 N/A 41 44 46