Cuban Guayabera Embroidered Long Sleeve Blue D’Accord 2555 1-M-1-2X

/, BUY LONG SLEEVE SHIRTS D'ACCORD FULL CUT /CLASSIC FIT/Cuban Guayabera Embroidered Long Sleeve Blue D’Accord 2555 1-M-1-2X

Cuban Guayabera Embroidered Long Sleeve Blue D’Accord 2555 1-M-1-2X



  •  Iconic warrior embroidery
  •  coordinating fabric inside cuffs and collar band
  •  Cool,soft,durable,easy care 50%  linen 50% cotton
  • Cool water wash minimal  iron
  • Limited Edition


Cuban Guayabera embroidered long sleeve blue D’Accord 2555.Greek key embroidery guayabera is manufactured on our wedding shirt platform .The fit is impeccable. This iconic embroidered guayabera is easy care. The washing instructions are easy care  wash and wear. This men’s embroidered guyabera is distinctive because of its iconic Greek key design embroidery. This design is thousands of years old. The Greek key design was used in ancient Greece and Rome. The design appears in many architectural friezes and in bands of pottery and on buildings. The design was used to decorate the shield of Philip II of Macedonia. This popular embroidered guayabera is available in five manly colors. I always recommend the men and the women who love them, to wash 6 or 7 shirts at a time. And take them out as soon as cycle ends.The material feels very soft and cool on the skin. This guayabera is truly a pleasure to wear. The  linen viscose  blend  is treated in a way as to make this guayabera  wrinkle free. Guayaberas are the garment of choice to wear in any muggy, humid tropical  climate.The easy care factor makes this one of the best guayaberas to travel with. All of our guayaberas are carefully cut and assembled with extreme care to detail. The placement of the embroidery is one of the most skillful operations involved. The embroidery lines up flawlessly from the body to the pockets. Manufacturing embroidered guayaberas is a labor of love. We have been manufacturing men’s guayaberas for 38 years. And we intend to continue in this endeavor as long as God allows us. We are constantly looking for exceptional fabrics to apply to exceptional designs. The fit of the guayabera is essential. Decades ago we studied our own exceptional patterns and compared them to the  patterns of world class shirt makers.During many weeks of analysis we manufactured a multitude of samples. Finally we arrived at the perfect fitting guayabera in 1982. .D’Accord guayaberas are true to size. We are not be the biggest manufacturer but, we never compromise on the essential. Order your iconic embroidered guayabera today



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Medium, 2X Large

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